Light and Love Home is a government registered non-profit organization. The Light and Love Home in Seattle commenced social services in 2004. It was initiated from the caring actions of the Community Service Department of the Church of God in Seattle. 光愛中心是政府註冊、非牟利社會服務團體,承接西雅圖市神的教會社會服務部的愛心行動,在2004年正式投入服務。每年各課程的成功均有賴家長們的信賴和支持,導師們的熱誠和愛心,義工們的投入和參與。


We believe that God is light; God is love. We strive to serve the community and to proclaim the gospel. In accordance with Biblical teachings and following the example of Christ to love. We treasure the value of man, and care for the needy. We provide appropriate services and organize activities to enable people develop their potential, build up correct value system, learn to involve and care for the community, live an abundant life. 我們相信神就是光,神就是愛。 我們竭誠服務社群,推廣福音。 本著聖經的教訓,效法基督的博愛。 重視每個人的價值,關懷各階層的需要。 提供適切的服務,組織有益的活動。 幫助發揮潛能,建立正確價值觀。 投入社群學習互助互愛,活出豐盛人生。


Man Yi Li – President Diem Huynh – Co-Director Wai Tak Cheung – Co-Director Yin Ha Lai – Treasurer Tinh Lam – Treasurer Tracy Yeung – Secretary

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Address: 4716 Beacon Ave. S. Seattle, WA 98108 Phone: 206-722-7226 Email: [email protected] Facebook: